The European Commission might initiate infringement procedure for a discriminatory application of the free movement directive in its behavior with the Rroma community in France, European Commissioner Viviane Reding announced, quoted by AFP.

We are convinced that we need to take disciplinary measures against France regarding the way it saw fit to deal with the Rroma community, Reding said, quoted by Reuters. The way Paris managed the expulsion of gypsies is a shame, according to the European commissioner.

Reding said that France was not fair in its communication with the EU and that the infringement procedure should be launched in the upcoming weeks against France. Here are the main points made by Reding:

  • The Commission followed closely the situation regarding France. I was appaled by the situation which gave the impression that people were extracted from the territory of a EU member just because they pertained to an ethnic minority. 
  • I presented my doubts regarding the measures taken by the French state
  • France would be in violation of the EU law if the measures taken by French authorities in the application of the freedom of movement principle would target a certain group based on race, ethnic origin or nationality 
  • This is not a minor ofense in such an important situation. After 11 years of experience in the European Comission I would say it is a shame 
  • I want to be clear: discrimination based on ethnic origin or race has no place in Europe. It is incompatible with the values on which the EU is founded. National minorities who discriminate against etchnic groups in the application of European law also violates the European Charter of Fundamental Rights which all states signed, including France