Romania's relationship with France cannot be reduced to the temporary issue of the repatriation of some Romanian citizens, Romanian Interior minister Vasile Blaga said. On Tuesday, EC Commissioner Viviane Reding declared that the EC plans to start an infringement procedure against France for the measures taken against gypsies.

Here are some of the declarations made by Blaga:

  • Romanian citizens need to declare their presence in a EU state after their three months period expired
  • the European directive 38.204 assures that Romanian citizens have the right of freedom of movement 
  • if after 90 days one has no job, no resources, no labor contract there are limits of which the law of each member state needs to action 
  • this should be clear for all Romanian citizens 
  • we cannot say that our citizens do not commit felonies in France but we cannot say either that we are the fellons of Europe