The recourse formulated by the lawyers of businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and his two collaborators against the court's decision to temporary arrest them for 29 days is judged today.

The Session started at 14PM and it is public, according to the law.

UPDATE 13 15:10 PM After Vantu's lawyer pleaded, the lawyers of Turcan and Stoian are next.

UPDATE 12 14:41 PM Vantu's lawyer requested judges to hear telephone calls

Here are some of the lawyer's declarations

  • he urged the judges not to consider telephone call transcripts submitted as evidence because they were made without respecting procedures: the lawyer said that the phone was wired during the electoral campaign considering that Vantu runs a media trust 
  • since he was imposed not to leave the country, Vantu submitted one request to leave the country for Moldova 
  • Nazat invoked health problems of his client but did not submit any requests to release him on medical grounds 
  • Nazat said that he told Vantu to give up the refusal to eat
  • There are no clues that the businessman helped Nicolae directly. He only gave his parents money to be able to go see their son 
  • Nazat urged for his client's release and maintains the interdiction to leave the country 

UPDATE 11 14:29 PM Vantu's lawyer: the cause is related to the presidential debate in December last year

UPDATE 10 14:20 PM Vantu's lawyer: the cause needs to be judged in Buftea, where Vantu rezides

UPDATE 9 14:10PM Vantu's laywer started his plea.

UPDATE 8 14:05 PM The lawyers fomulated two requests to submit new papers. The businessman refused to make declarations in front of the judges.

UPDATE 7 13:55 PM The businessman was brought in the court

UPDATE 6 13:25 PM The session did not start yet.

UPDATE 5 13:25 PM The session did not start

UPDATE 4 11:10 AM Sorin Ovidiu Vantu reached the court

UPDATE 3 11:05 AM Vantu was taken from the Police arrest and taken to the court

UPDTATE 2 11:00 AM Vantu's lawyer Marian Nazat arrived at the court

UPDATE 1 10:00 AM The court's sessions started at 9 AM, the recourse is scheduled for 11 AM