In his last speech during the recourse trial judged by the Bucharest Tribunal against the court's decision to temporary arrest media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, the businessman launched an attack against President Basescu whom he considers directly responsible for his arrest and accuses him of pressures against him and his media trust. Vantu claims that Basescu works directly with the Romanian Intelligence Service and people in the press who become undercover officers. The businessman declared that all data in the file are correct but the key with which they are read is totally false.

His main declarations

  • All data are by and large correct. However, the key used to read the data is totally false. This is another matter, which I will address another time
  • The judicial part of this trial was well made clear by my lawyers, my friends. This is a political matter 
  • I am sorry to say that many institutions of this state only execute the orders of one man only 
  • In 2007 Basescu came to me to plead for my backup at the referendum against him. We conveyed to a series of principles for Romania's modernization which can be found on the Presidency's site. 
  • I notice that this man breaches all that we agreed to, like Romania's modernization 
  • I receive people sent by him who urge me to give them a part of my media trust. I obviously said no and then threats stated 
  • I was threatened that all my talks with journalists of the trust will be made public. I talked daily at least ten times with my people. It is normal. It is an investment I made and I was concerned with the editorial strategies 
  • I was threatened that data will release to the press. I did not give up and I was threatened all my financial accounts will be blocked 
  • In the end, I got arrested. Let me reveal that way President Basescu thought to operate, through the Romanian Secret Services. 
  • The Romanian Intelligence Services recruits prosecutors, people from the press which become undercover officers 
  • They threaten judges, corrupt them morally, and blackmail them. Use any means at hand 
  • I read that you declared that I am stupid because I speak on wired phones. 140 people from the Romanian Intelligence Service monitored me and all my houses. In the end, there were 40 people and 12 wired telephones. A satellite frequency was rented to intercept the microphone from my phone. 
  • All transcripts in my file are correct and I will submit the key to their correct and fair reading. 
  • I am not the one to hate justice. Arrest me but the two gentlemen, Stoian and Turcan have no fault 
  • Alex Stoian delivered thousands of envelopes with money in the last 15 years he has been working for me. The money he delivered to Virgil Popa was a current operation and he had no idea. At the time Virgil Popa was not a felon 
  • Turcan is one of the best bankers of Europe. Why was he arrested? for the transfer? You know that is the significance of that transfer? Do you know what the company does? Could it not be a commercial operation? 
  • I end here, thank you very much