Chief of states and governments within the EU reunite on Thursday in Brussels in a summit where the controversy over France's way to deal with the gypsies and the dispute with the Commission are expected to dominate, AFP informs. Romania is represented by President Traian Basescu.

European leaders meet starting 8GMT and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, outraged by the European Commissioner for Justice's declaration promised some explanations.

Surely, France's policy on the issue will be addressed, it is the Commission's right to verify whether member states respect the law but I believe that the way it was dealt with was not entirely proper, German chancellor Angela Merkel declared quoted by EUobserver.

French President Sarkozy was outraged after EC Commissioner Viviane Reding said that France's policy to expel gypsies breaches EU law and might create a situation with which Europe did not have since the Second World War.

Sarkozy declared that Luxemburg - Reding's country - could be the one to host expelled gypsies.

Facing the wave of criticism coming from France, Reding expressed her regrets that she compared the situation of the gypsies with the second world war. French PM Francois Fillon declared that Paris will prove that it does not breach EU law.

The subject risks to takeoverthe EU Summit agenda. One of the main problem is to ease debate that sprang out due to the crisis of debts but there are various divergences related to this subject regarding the creation of new sanctions against countries that apply a relaxed budgetary policy.