​Judge Adrian Bordea was delegated on Thursday by the Superior Court of Magistracy to occupy the interim position as Higher Court of Justice head, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. The position Bordea fills remained vacant since September 2009 as Nicolae Popa retired and the interim of Lidia Barbulescu as head of the Court expired in September.

The first proposal put forward by the Superior Court of Magistracy was Lidia Barbulescu but her candidacy was rejected by President Basescu so the position remained vacant. Last year, Nicolae Popa, who occupied this position before, formulated a request to name Lidia Barbulescu to temporary stand as head of the Higher Court until the position will be filled.

On February 25, the Superior Court of Magistracy decided to propose judge Livia Doina Stanciu as head of the Higher Court of Justice but so far President Basescu did not take a decision.

Adrian Bordea declared on Thursday that he tookover the position in time of crisis. He declared that in a short time span he will not be able to take up big projects but he will definetly do his best to change things.

This position is a key one in the judicial system. All big corruption cases involving Parliamentarians or ministers are judged at the Higher Court of Justice. According to the law, the head of the Higher Court also names the 9 judges to prezide the appeals and requests made in big corruption cases.

An investigation of the daily newspaper Evenimentul Zilei reveals that Adrian Bordea was under judicial inspection by the Superior Council of Magistracy in the case involving Romanian Intelligence Service general Ovidiu Soare and Ghoerghe Dumitrache who were investigated in a corruption file.

In 2005 Bordea was heard by anti graft prosecutors regarding a presumed traffic of influence back in 1998 when he was president of the Targoviste Tribunal.