President Traian Basescu signed, on Thursday night the decrees nominating four judges for the Higher Court of Justice: Livia Doina Stanciu as President of the institution, Rodica Aida Popa as Vice President, Adrian Bordea as President of the Commercial department of the institution and Lavinia Curelea as President of the Civil and copyrights department, according to the presidency website.

Judecatoarea Livia StanciuFoto: Agerpres

All above mentioned judges have a three year mandate. Livia Doina Stanciu, is the judge that sentenced Democrat Liberal mayor of Ramnicu Valcea, Mircia Gutau for three and a half years for corruption.

Livia Doina Stanciu was proposed to occupy this function on Feburary 25. Among her priorities: identifying laws that need to be improved and notifying the Justice ministry, control the constitutionality of laws before they are adopted, reconsider the role of the President of departments that needs to be considered in the decision making process, ensure that new codes will be implemented .

Adrian Bordea had the shortest interim mandate in the institutions' history. He was delegated on Thursday for the interim position of President of the Higher Court.

The highest position in the Higher Court of Justice is a key one in the judicial system. All big corruption cases involving Parliamentarians or ministers are judged at the Higher Court of Justice. According to the law, the head of the Higher Court also names the 9 judges to prezide the appeals and requests made in big corruption cases.