The meeting between the Labour ministry and union representatives ended without any concrete results on Friday. Union leaders announced at the end of talks that there was no decision taken and that they will continue protests, Romanian news Mediafax informs.

President of the Democratic Union Confederation in Romania, Ioan Baciu declared that on Friday, a new meeting with parties was set for Tuesday. On the agenda is the minimum wage. At his turn, CNSRL Fratia union leader Sorin Stan announced that 20,000 union members across the country will arrive in Bucharest on September 22 to protest.

According to him 160 buses will bring the people in Bucharest. About 2,000 people will arrive by train.

VicePresident of the National Union Block, Mariana Kniesner said that on September 28 a protest will be organized and about 15,000 people are expected. Cartel Alfa union vice president Liviu Apostoiu told the press that his union gave up the protest on September 22 to allow other unions to organize a protest.

Unions demand

  • concrete programs for investments to create new jobs 
  • no modifications to the labour code 
  • social protection of employees whould not be eliminated 
  • the individual labor contract should not be eliminated 
  • a minimum wage of 750 lei 
  • to maintain hierarchy in the unique salary law 
  • to give up all austerity measures imposed by PM Boc 

The list of demands is common but prostests will be organized separately.