PM Boc attends on Monday a political debate on the current evolution of Romania's social and economic situation, organized by the Chamber of Deputies at the request of the Liberal Party.

The main declarations:

  • the debate seems to have been based on solutions and proposals, I assisted to enough political demagogy 
  • I cannot not ask former PM Tariceanu why he did not call for some answers during his time 
  • Tariceanu now urges the government to pay for the same level of pensions and salaries as in 2008 but he forgets that the whole world is in crisis 
  • the previous government did not take advantage of Romania's benefits from the EU 
  • The toughest period is yet to come and the next months will be decisive to consolidate reforms started 
  • I assure you that any party at the government would have been compelled to take the measures we did 
  • Romania will not exit the recession with populist measures and will not be able to enjoy economic increase
  • this is not 2008 and everybody can feel it 
  • Loans are not offered so easily and the country needs to be credible to get a credit 
  • We cannot live with deficits 
  • we are making efforts to release as many resources for investments 
  • Ten measures that we considered to counter the crisis: maintain taxes to 16%, no taxes for reinvested profit, companies that hire unemployed do not pay unemployment contributions, the First House programs - allowing young people to access houses through advantageous credits, supporting small and medium sized enterprises, maintain the VAT to 5% for houses with a social character 
  • We tried to maintain a balanced euro-leu exchange rate 
  • 2011 budget: a 4.4% deficit, an increase of 1.5-2% and resources for finances 

the reform of the pensions system

  • the country can only pay based on its resources available 
  • we contribute with 31.3 and we pay 39.9 
  • in 2011 we need 3 billion euro to sustain pensions as stipulated in the current law 
  • if a new version is passed, we will need 5 billion euro 

budgetary reform

  • we found there were too many employed, we found luxury salaries 
  • we had to promote a law to balance things 
  • the 2011 budget starts from the estimate of a maximum number of budgetary personnel of 1,290,000 and a budgetary mass of 39 billion lei 

the social assistance reform

  • a 5% of GDP level for social assitance is too much 
  • we plan to protect the vulnerale, but to those who are really in need 
  • we need to encourage labor, social assitance will target those social groups in real need 
  • health system 
  • the introduction of the co-payments will represent a supplementary source for the system 
  • in Romania, about 11 million people do not contribute to the health system 


  • we will rethink the system 
  • we will support young people who initiate a business
  • starting 2011 people will be able to pay taxes online throughout the country 
  • the government knows what it has to do