The IMF board will discuss on Friday the fifth revision of the program with Romania and the report will show that the measures introduced in early July regarding the state's budget are efficient and will determine in 2010 and 2011 to compliance with the deficit targets set.

The report mentions that the two priority actions were respected: the adoption of the law on pensions and the state's debts to the health sector paid. Therefore, all conditions were fulfilled which means that the talk on Friday will be positive and the next installment will be released, Romania's IMF representative Mihai Tanasescu declared.

The sixth instalment is worth 900 million euro of a 12.9 billion euro loan from the IMF. So far, Romania received about 10.7 billion euro from the IMF and 300 million euro from the World Bank. Plus, another 2.5 billion euro from the European Commission. The third instalment from the EC worth 1.2 billion euro was released yesterday.