If President Basescu passes the law on pensions, adopted by fraud by Roberta Anastase, I will demand all Parliamentary groups to agree to suspend the President, PSD leader Victor Ponta declared in a press conference. We hope that we will convince all Parliamentary groups to vote for the suspension of the President, Ponta said.

Ponta's declarations:

  • PSD cannot not react and will act politically. 6 million retired people are affected by the robbery committed by Roberta Anastase under the protection of the President. Anastase and Basescu endanger the well functioning of democracy 
  • The whole scandal and reactions of the President have one cause: they were caught stealing. It is clear that Anastase did not steal by herself 
  • the law on pensions sees the cut by 6% of the pensions, women in Romania will have to work by 65 years old which is unfair 
  • through this law, militaries are lied to and humiliated 
  • the law steals from those who want to retire before their time 
  • Basescu's reaction is a typical one for the times I did not caught but my parents did, a typical Communist reaction 
  • I had the courage to fight the regime at the age of 17 and I have the courage at 38 to stand against Basescu 
  • I do not have any public function, I am just a deputy of Gorj. I am a prosecutor and this is why I am used to felons like Basescu.