Media mogul and business man Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, recently arrested for helping Romanian fugitive Nicolae Popa, who accused President Basescu of being directly responsible for his arrest responds in a short interview for news television Realitatea TV, which he owns, to the accusations brought by President Basescu. Vantu denied the accusations of the president, that he lived off public money.

The businessman told the news television that he never stole money from anyone. He also said that he has no influence in the Romanian Intelligence Service, as Basescu claims.

What is more, Vantu said that Basescu uses the Romanian Intelligence Services as his own political police. According to Vantu, the service recruited prosecutors who became undercover officers, journalists who are undercover and who work for Basescu.

President Basescu launched a series of accusations against several businessmen influent in Romania like Vantu, Dinu Patriciu or Voiculescu.