Thousands of police officers protested on Friday in front of Cotroceni in an unauthorized protest. The protest started this morning, in Victoriei square, where protesters urged President Basescu to come and talk to them and threatened that if he does not show up, they will walk towards Cotroceni, the presidential headquarters even though they were not authorized to.

The protest at Cotroceni ended without incidents, but unions threatened that they will organize a new, three days protest, starting October 7th.

3:55 PM For 20 minutes, union leaders negotiate with participants to leave the square in front of Cotroceni

Union leader Bogdan Hossu promised that they will organize a three day protest starting October 7. A group of 1,000 protesters refused to leave the area and said that they are waiting for Basescu for talks.

3:25 PM Cartel Alfa union leader Bogdan Hossu declared that the President sent a message that in his opinion, the protest is illegal and the President will not come out to talk to them if the protest is illegal.

3:00 PM Protesters expect Basescu to come out and talk to them. Union representatives contacted presidential counsellors and transmitted the message of the protesters.

Unions declared that their actions were spontaneous, that they are respecting the law, just as the government respects the rights of the people.