Governmental sources declared for that the Interior minister Vasile Blaga will resign on Monday. He will make the announcement at 11 AM, in a press conference. Blaga called on Monday morning, at 7 AM representatives of the minister's leadership after a discussion with PM Boc on Sunday. It is possible to assist to the resignation of the Police and gendarmerie directors.

UPDATE Political sources declared for that the current Defense minister Gabriel Oprea will replace Vasile Blaga and Cristian Diaconescu will replace Oprea as Defense minister.

The resignation follows the scandal stirred by by the protest organized on Friday by police officers. After the meeting, Basescu urged the Interior ministry not to ensure the protection of his delegations.

Basescu accused the police of undermining the state's authority through their illegal protest. On Saturday, in an interview before the President's address, Blaga said he does not plan to quit.