Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu declared on Monday that he did not approve the spontaneous protest of the police officers as they decided to march towards Cotroceni, the presidential headquarters. He told the press that he did not approve the protest and that his position is neutral, in accordance to article 39 of the Romanian Constitution that reads that protests are free and can be organised only in a peaceful way, without any guns.

None of the organisers solicited a march towards Cotroceni, it was spontaneous. Oprescu claims that the organisers announced him of the march only after the protesters already left. Oprescu said that he cannot contest the right of citizens to protest.

Thousands of police officers protested last Friday in Bucharest against the measures of the government to cut salaries by 25%. In a spontaneous act, the protesters marched towards Cotroceni, the presidential headquarters and protested in front of the institution for several hours without an approval from the city hall.