President Traian Basescu presented, on Tuesday the seven points transmitted by the European Commission within the re-evaluation procedure of the justice report, which need to be reconsidered. The President declared that some EU countries tend to condition Romania's accession to Schengen to the EC evaluations n Justice. Another topic on the agenda, the elections for the council and the Commission's comments regarding the eligibility criteria of some candidates. Four current council members run for a new mandate, even though the legislation does not allow it.

The meeting's agenda was the European Commission's intermediary mission, meant to re-evaluate some of the points in the justice report released this year. The European Commision was open and sent a series of elements that might be the object of a re-evaluation, the president of the Council declared.

He underlined that the council must answer promptly and be open to any requests in order to enable the re-evaluation and be able to influence it positively.