President Basescu discussed on Tuesday, at Cotroceni, the president's HQ, with representatives of the police national blocks. Even if the President declared that he is no longer angry on them, union representatives accused the chief of state of a divide et impera strategy.

Vice deputy of the police block, Constantin Asofronie told the news televisions that Basescu expressed his openness for dialogue. He said that Basescu admitted that the problems the police forces are dealing with are real and hard to resolve but he did not agree with the way they saw fit to take action, referring to the illegal march last week.

The general secretary of the National Union of the Police force declared that the President called those who are to his liking and he did not want to discuss with the national union block, claiming that the police block does not have the right to negotiate for the unions.

The block is a judicial entity, is formed of departments and territorial organizations and is autonomous of the structures of its members. The block is an entity organized on professional criteria, apolitical and non profit of the police officers.