At the moment, we have more parliamentarians than we need to remove the Boc government, the Social Democratic Secretary General Liviu Dragnea declared at the Monday talk, a - RFI interview by Dan Tapalaga. Dragnea said that if Parliamentarians maintain their position and resist to pressures, the government will fall. Dragnea claims that he talked with more than 20 parliamentarians who are willing to help PSD pass the motion of censure against the government. Dragnea announced that the motion will be submitted in mid October.

Here are his most important declarations

  • we need a bit more time to meet the number of parliamentarians to vote the motion 
  • we will have talks with our allies, the Liberals and Conservatives, on the text of the motion 
  • there are at least 20 parliamentarians willing to vote for the motion from all political parties including the minorities. I hope they maintain their wish 
  • we have more parliamentarians than needed, if they stand by their decision, the government will fall 
  • we will decrease VAT at its initial value, 5% VAT for food and constructions, and the 25% cut in salaries for the budget sector will be eliminated
  • Romania has enough money but they are not efficiently managed and they get stollen
  • the IMF agreement needs to be studied closely and I believe there are some points that can be renegociated