Four people lost their lives, including a three months old new born in an ecological accident in Hungary where 700 thousands cubic meters of chemical residue flooded Kolontar village, the mayor announced, quoted by MTI.

All four victims were from Kolontar and the rescue teams are still looking for four missing persons, the mayor of the town declared. About 700,000 cubic meters of chemical residue were spilled on Monday from a broken reservoir. The level of residue reached two meters in certain areas on Tuesday afternoon, nearby Devecser town where 230 houses and 17 streets were flooded.

About 90 people needed medical care after the chemical burns, Devecser town mayor announced. The water, gas and energy supply was ceased across town. The process of eliminating the consequences of the accident will take years, experts estimate.

Experts warn that residue spilled in rivers that reach the Danube might affect the river.

UPDATE The Hungarian government enstated an emergency state for Vesprem, Gyor Moson Sopron and Vas districts. The spill threaten the lives of thousands of people, AFP informs.