Romania had and continues to have a difficult economic situation, Joost Kuhlhman, representative of the General Directorate for Economy and Finances within the European Commission declared. According to him, Romania needs foreign aid and his opinion, the Romanian public administration is weak and leads to ineficiency. World Bank officia Harrold Peter criticizes the governing system. Declarations were made within a conference related to the functional analysis of the public administration in Romania.

Romania's public administration needs changes, Kuhlmann declared. The administration is weak and needs to be depoliticized, more transparent and accountable. These changes would need to cover expenses, decision making process, and monitor procedures for money allocations.

World Bank representative Peter Harrold declared that there are some shortcomings of the governing system, among which: strategic plans are too ambitious compared to technical and financial resources, ministers are operational instruments instead of strategic instruments, it is unclear who responds for what, who is accountable for decisions.

The project related to the functional analysis of the public administration in Romania targets the elaboration of an analysis of six institutions in Romania. A plan of actions will be set up based on the analysis in an attempt to improve efficiency. Institutions included: Agriculture ministry, Education ministry, Finance ministry, Transports ministry, the Government's Secretariat General and the Competition Council.