The Constitutional Court rejected with a majority of votes the two unconstitutional complaints for the law on pensions, a press release of the institution reads. The two addresses were submitted by the opposition parties, the Social Democrats and Liberals. To be adopted, the law needs to be approved by President Traian Basescu. The opposition parties threaten to suspend the President if he promotes the law as passed by the Parliament.

The law on pensions is one of the major objectives assumed by the Boc government in the IMF agreement.

Among the most important rulings of the law are:

  • a 39.5% pension point of the average salary 
  • the elimination of special pensions for the military and the police officers 
  • the increase of retirement age to 65 years

The Social Democratic leader Victor Ponta declared that hios party would call for the suspension of the president if the latter promulgates the law on pensions. The Social Democratic leader declared that they would urge the President not to promulgate the law. Ponta said he did not want a political crisis to overlap with the economic and social crisis in the country, but claimed "obvious fraud" in the parliamentary process of voting the law couldn't remain unsanctioned.