The Council of Foreign Investors, together with a team of economic experts gathered 80 priority solutions, grouped in 10 main actions to stimulate the Romanian economy and made them public in a press conference on Thursday. The group selected 12 priority measures and the team of experts determined their macro-economic impact, President of the council Mariana Gheorghe declared. She explained that these actions can help the Romanian economy recover at a faster pace.

Some of the opinions expressed by experts

BCR bank CEO Dominic Bruynseels declared that the main message is that the council came up with a set of economic analysis discussed with the government and a set of measures to aid the economy. Other members, Markus Wirth and Claudio Zito declared that Romania needs infrastructure to have a modern economy: a common candidature with Bulgaria/Hungary for the 2020 European Football Championship can generate 1 billion euro annual investments in the infrastructure, which could aid Romania on a longer term.

The list of measures proposed by the Council

  • a third round of the First House program, which offers good conditions for Romanian young people who wish to purchase a first house 
  • the funds of the state to be invested in infrastructure
  • a common candidacy together with Bulgaria and Hungary to the European Football Championshp which would lead to a boom of investments in the infrastructure 
  • using security companies to ensure customs control - a drop of fiscal evasion in this sector would generate 460 million euro which can be used for investments 
  • improving EU fund absorption by externalizing services or revising bonus schemes for employees 
  • implementation of e-governance 
  • attracting more funds in the agriculture sector from the EU 
  • facitilis for creditation with the help of the state for small and medium sized enterprises 
  • a flexible labor legislation which would create 84,000 jobs