Former director of the Giulesti maternity, Bogdan Marinescu, who was suspended after an explosition at the maternity ward on August 16, is unde penal investigation for negligence in service and for not taking the necessary measures related to the health and security of the patients.

So far, the investigation reveals that the director of te maternity did not take measures to set up a unit to prevent and protect all technical equipments within the hospital that would have been able to see the risks that lead to the tragedy, a press release of the prosecutors reads.

Another three people are under penal investigation in the same file, namely nurse Florentina Carstea, the technical chief of the hospital Vasile Dima and doctor Adrian Toma, the chief of the neonatology department.

An explostion occured at the Giulesti maternity ward on August 16 due to an overheat of a plug. The fire lead to the death of 6 newborns and the injury of another 5.