President Traian Basescu invited all Parliamentary parties for consultations at Cotroceni, the presidential HQ. Talks will start Monday, at 12 PM, the Presidency informs. Shortly after they received the invitation, Liberals and Conservatives announced they will not attend talks. Social Democrats declared that they will not attend the consultations.

Leader of the Conservative party, Daniel Constantin declared on Friday, for the Romanian news agency Agerpres that his party will not attend the meeting.

Social Democratic leader Victor Ponta announced that they will not attend the meeting as long as the UNPR, the newly recognised Parliamentary party attends the meeting. He reiterated the party's position that UNPR has no right to vote, as it is not legimated by the people.

According to the Presidency, the agenda will cater the following themes

  • the legislative priorities that expect the vote of the Parliament: the law on the public pensions, the law on education
  • the state budget and the social insurance budget for 2011 
  • the objectives assumed by Romania in the EU 2020 strategy