The decrease of salaries and elimination of bonuses for the last two months determined over 100 Finance ministry employees to stop working and protest on the institution's hallway, sources within the ministry declared for Sources within the ministry claim that an IMF delegation is expected on Thursday and that authorities might get into trouble if public servants fail to do their job. Sources confirmed for that part of the IMF negotiators will arrive tomorrow in Bucharest.

PM Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu returned at the ministry declaring that he did not leave through the back door. He was called names by protesters.

Representatives of the ministry and other financial institutions entered negotiations but protesters left the negotiation room as representatives of the ministry and other financial institutions told them they will not get their bonuses back.

There are also directors within the protesters, quoted sources declared. Salaries in the Finance ministry all small compared to the bonuses received two months ago. The elimination of bonuses lead to a massive decrease of their revenues which lead them to take action.

According to a Finance ministry press release, salaries in the Finance ministry are the lowest in the budgetary system.