Finance ministry employees continued their spontaneous protest started on Wednesday on the ministry's hallways. Union leader Vasile Marica said that on Thursday morning, at 6AM there were 350 employees protesting in the institution and the activity in the ministry will be blocked.

UPDATE Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu confirmed that the ministry decided to unlock bonuses for August and September. A committee will analyze who will get the bonuses. The minister declared that a committee within the ministry will analyze the way directors gave bonuses. He said that the aim is to reward those who worked and make sure directors are not just the only ones rewarded. The minister assured the crowds that there is intensive lobby in the Parliament for the law which rallies the salaries in the Finance ministry to other ministries.

The Finance ministry finally agreed to offer the pending bonuses for August and September, after protesters refused to accept bonuses just for August.

Education union Spiru Haret joined on Wednesday night, the protesters at the Finance ministry as a sign of solidarity. Starting with 5AM, the ministry did not allow the press in the building, news television Realitatea TV reads.

After four hours in the night, negotiations failed. Finance minister Ialomitianu declared after negotiations that bonuses will be offered based on performance criteria, those who decrease fiscal evasion.

PM Emil Boc declared in an interview for the public television TVR 1 that bonuses should be offered based on performance. Those who exceed their tasks are entitled to receive bonuses.