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Salaries in the Finance ministry in April 2010: bonuses, higher than salaries 

de A.C.
Joi, 14 octombrie 2010, 19:18 English | Top News

Financial ministry emplyees organized a spontaneous protest on Thursday and Friday, blocking the activity of the ministry, dissatisfied that they did not receive their bonuses for August and September. Financial bonuses offered to Finance ministry employees were, in most cases, higher than salaries, a statistics of the salaries in the ministry reveals for April 2010. 

Finance ministry employees started a spontaneous protest on Thursday afternoon, dissatisfied that they did not receive their bonuses for August and September. The protest was continued the whole night, with some 300 people protesting in the institution's hallways all night, fearing they will not be received in the institution the next day. 

After several failed negotiations, Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu declared that the ministry will offer protesters the bonuses for August and September and a special committee will establish the way the bonuses will be offered. 

On the other hand, bonuses in the ministry are sometimes two to three times the salaries. An April 2010 salaries statistics on the ministry's website reads that a general director's salary is 2679 RON and his bonus 5359 RON. Another relevant example is a worker in the ministry's cafeteria whose salary is 594 RON and the bonus, 1776 RON.

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