If the Parliament adopted faster the law on unique salary scheme, the problems at the Finance ministry would have never appeared, Romania's representative to the IMF Mihai Tanasescu declared. He believes the the new criteria for bonuses need to be efficient. Tanasescu said that the new agreement with the IMF will be for prevention. Romania will no have to draw money from the IMF, he explained.

Tanasescu explained that Romania will sign a prevention agreement which will have at its basics an action related to several sectors which Romania needs to stimulate. A discussion with the IMF and authorities will establish the priority sectors. Tanasescu highlighted some of the sectors which will probably be targeted: local and central administration, state companies that register losses, the Romania fiscal policy.

Mihai Tanasescu opinionated that the problems at the Finance ministry are an accumulation of the mistakes of the system since the salaries in the ministry always had a fixed and a flexible part.

If the law on the unique salary scheme would have been approved on time, it would have regulated the problem by including an average bonus in the salary and it would have prevented the protests.