The transcripts of many phone conversations held by Romanian businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, wiretapped in connection with an investigation where he's accused of assisting a sentenced fugitive, have been made public by several media outlets on Tuesday. The transcripts, which reveal Vantu's influence with major political circles and his role in presidential elections last year, caused a shock in the media today as they also show his editorial involvement with the media business he controls, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

Read what transcripts reveal about some important subjects

about Realitatea Catavencu media trust

  • Academia Catavencu has to respond to the interests of the owners, as all other press institutions in my media trust 
  • no more jokes about editorial independence, I have to see my own interests now 
  • who will like it can sta, who does not can leave 
  • If I say to support the government that is what you will do, I do not care about anyting else (n a conversation with the editorial chief of the magazine, Doru Buscu) 
  • in the group of those 14 people who left the magazine (accusing a lack of editorial independence) you should have introduced a person we trust, to have somebody in their group 
  • Doru Buscu told Vantu that he even intercepted their emails (referring to the 14 people who left the magazine) and assured him that he had somebody he trusted in that group 

about the 2009 Presidential elections, in a conversation with Realitatea TV director Catalin Popa

  • It is for the first time that I involved myself so much in this  
  • why are the people so dumb to sustain this imbecile, we need to enlighten them 

in a discussion in 2009 wht Realitatea Catavencu President Sergiu Toader

  • we need to kill Geoana as well 

in a discussion with journalist Bogdan Chirieac

  • I wanted to teach Basescu a lesson but not all the way: his suspension was possible because of the alliances I  built because Basescu opened a case against me on the Agricola Bank case