About 100 Finance ministry employees stopped the activity of the ministry on Tuesday, claiming that they have information that they will not receive their bonuses promised, union leader Sebastian Oprescu declared for the Romanian news agency Mediafax. The union leader accused Finance ministry Ialomitianu that he refuses to unlock bonuses even after criteria was agreed on.

UPDATE 4:32 PM Those who worked will receive bonuses, but those who do not comply to performance criteria will not receive bonuses, Finance minister Ialomitianu declared shortly after the new protest.

UPDATE 4:40 PM Financial department chief Sorin Blejnar claims that employees are not protesting but that they are expressing their happiness because the governmental ordinance that includes bonuses in their salaries.

The protest comes just several hours after ordinance 1/2010 was adopted, which sees the inclusion of bonuses in the salaries for some categories of budgetaries, including those in the Finance ministry.