​The preliminary information that reached the IMF reveals that Romania complied to the targets agreed for the first nine months but there are still vulnerabilities regarding the state's debts to private companies especially at the local level, Romania's representative for the IMF Mihai Tanasescu declared in an interview for HotNews.ro. However, by the end of September Romania still has time to reach its target regarding the state's debts, Tanasescu explained. He explained that Romania needs to adjust social contributions, that an increase of the minimum salary will decrease Romania's economic competitivity.

The objective of the IMF mission and that of the European Commission is to make sure Romania fulfills its targets by the end of September and the identification of the potential points that will be integrated in the new agreement.

The state's debt to the private companies is a structural problem, Tanasescu said. He declared that Romania made a couple of steps and several payments but there are still vulnerabilities on the local level where there are many debts.