The Chamber of Deputies adopted, on Tuesday night, a draft law initiated by the oposition which rules a VAT of 5% for basic food products. Moreover, pensions below 2,000 lei will not be taxed, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. The Chamber has the decision power and the laws will be sent for promulgation.

The Chamber adopted the proposal of the PDL deputy to modify the fiscal code so that pensions below 2,000 lei will not be taxed.

Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitiau declared that there was an error, because the Chamber knew that the voste was cast for the rejection report. He explained that the error can be modified by either a new legislative project or by re-sending them to the President.

UPDATE PDL deputies leader Mircea Toader declared that the party takes responsibility for the mistake and that the problem will be solved in the Parliament, without the intervention of the President.