US Ambassador to Bucharest, Mark Gitenstein declared that Romanian intelligence services are professional and apolitical and that the police improved significantly since he arrived in Bucharest, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

Police efficiency increased significantly especially when it comes to countering IT frauds and drug trafficking, two matters which are very important for the US, HE Mark Gitenstein declared. He said that IT felonies fraud the US by 1 billion US dollars, which is why the US works closely with Romanian authorities to counter it.

When prompted how American investors perceive the motion of censure against the government, HE Gitenstein declared he cannot say whether the motion will pass or fail or whether it will affect the investors. However, he remarked that some economists estimate that the motion will have a negative effect, and if this will be the case, Gitenstein admitted that it will affect American investors.

About the Romanian Parliament's vote by mistake on two laws, Gitenstein said that the US Seate adopted, by mistake, a law that contained rulings that were contrary to the intentions of the person who initiated the law. He said that these things happen even though it should not.