President Traian Basescu announced on Monday, in a press conference sustained at Cotroceni that he did not receive from the Parliament the two laws voted by mistake, on the 5% VAT for food products and no taxation for pensions below 2,000 lei.

However, he said that when he will receive the two laws he will act in the interest of the Romanians, not in the detriment of the nation.

Basescu's declarations:

  • I will act in the interest of the nation, I have no intention to mislead Romanians 

  • I did not want to get myself involved in the affairs of the Parliament. If I commented, I commented on the general state of affairs in the Parliament 

  • There are too many parliamentarians who vote without knowing what they vote

  • laws are debated in committees and the reunited chamber votes for the final version of the laws, a process which depreciated the quality of the laws and decreased the responsibility of the Parliamentarians 

  • I think the Parliament should validate articles in the reunited chamber, not in committees 

  • people protest for the good reasons but it is not the moment for politicians to give in to street pressures that could turn Romania astride 

  • There are moments when the responsibility of a politician is to govern for the country

  • I am willing to support the government in taking the necessary measures to exit the crisis in a sustainable way

  • budget revenues must be used for the country, once they were used for electoral capital 

  • I hope that by the ned of the month to have a talk with the interior ministry officials and depoliticize the ministry