President Traian Basescu sustains a press conference at Cotroceni on the law he promulgated, on measures to accelerate trials. Follow in the article the President's most important declarations.

Here are the President's most important declarations

  • the law is just as important as the civil and penal codes that will enter into force later on, towards the end of the year 
  • the law answers to the need of Romanians for trials to be judged faster and better 

  • novelty issues: the number of persons who can appeal to a law is expanded: the people's lawyer can appeal, or the higher court of justice; a specialized committee is set up so that apeals are judged faster and better 

  • to judge the appeals, a new position is created, that of the delegated judge who sets up a report that is presented to the committee

  • judges can rule on any trial that involves payments up to 2,000 lei so that we can avoid the higher court to judge small fines cases 

  • lawyers can no longer move the trial to any court across the country to stall time - the new law regulates when, how and where can trials be moved to other courts 

  • judges need to set short terms, no more long terms 

  • people cannot ask for delays in trial if they change their lawyer - there were many who changed 20 lawyers to stall time 
  • the new law rules that mediation must be seeked, in commercial trials and divorce trials 

  • the law rules that people can divorce without a trial, at the notary - the notary can validate the trial, with the sharing of goods and responsibilities as the parties understood each other 

  • the higher court will not have 9 judges as before, but it will have two committees of 5 judges each 

  • some modifications brough to the penal code are very important: the requests for temporary release will be judged by a specialized judge

  • the law recognizes new experts in criminal expertize who can be licensed by the Justice ministry