Romania's Competition Council fined the accountant experts'association, CECCAR with a fine of almost 1 million euro because it fixed tariffs applied by its members, Competition Council President Bogdan Chiritoiu declared in a press conference.

He explained that the association set the honorary fees of its members since 2001 even if in 2000 the association was warned not to adopt such a measure. In 2004, the fees were updated and sums transformed in euro. To be implemented by all its members, the association decided to publish the rules in the official monitor.

Chiritoiu said that the fine is the biggest percentage fine given by the council - 9.

2% of the association's revenues for 2009 and the biggest sanction ever applied to an association. The high fine is due to the seriousness of the decision, similar to that of a cartel, the lenght - 9 years and the fact that the association did not take any measures to fix the situation after the council recommended so.