An incognito investigation reveals that Social Democratic mayors do everything in their power to increase the number of protesters present in Bucharest: we have 200 people with their own car, read to go and other mayors I know bring about 100-200 people, a mayor of a village in Teleorman declared. The incognito investigation was meant to check whether PSD mobilizes its party members for protests in Bucharest.

The protest announced and assumed by unions, scheduled for the day the motion of censure against the government is to be voted in the Parliament, became a dispute between the opposition and power. PDL accuses PSD for politicizing the protests. PSD leaders assumed their involvement in the protest.

The investigation attempted to find out, incognito, whether PSD gets involved in the protests. reports called local PSD mayors across the country, claiming to be calling from PSD Bucharest organization and asked them how they prepared for the protest.

Of the six mayors contacted in Teleorman county, three answered the questions and said that they will send people to tomorrow's protest.