Romania's union confederations organize on Wednesday in Bucharest one of the biggest protest since the revolution where, according to organizers, over 80,000 people are expected.

UPDATE 17:20 PMSecurity spokesperson Marius Militaru declared for that six people were taken to the police precinct and will be sanced with fines between 500 and 5000 lei. The six people were part of Steaua's supporters, one of the biggest football clubs in Bucharest. The other people who overpassed the fences who were not violent were released.

16:50 PMThere are about 25,000 people in the square

16:40 PMFour protesters were arrested.

16:30 PMProtesters managed to remove a part of the protection fences.

UPDATE 15:30A part of the protesters started to leave the Constitutiei square and scatter around lateral boulevards. Cartel Alfa union leader Bogdan Hossu declared for that there are half the people there was supposed to be at the protest. Unions initially announced 80,000 people but there are a little below 40,000 people in the square.

UPDATE 15:04Several protesters tried to pass through the protection fences set up by security forces. Unions pull to remove the fences.

UPDATE 14:45 PM Police officers and all those who assure security of the protest are not armed with fire guns, it is not normal to enstate an alert 1 for events that presume such a big number of peple, gendarmerie spokesperson Marius Militaru declared.

UPDATE 14:30 PM Protesters invited Roberta Anastase, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies to come to the square and count the protesters

UPDATE 14:00 PM Unions urged those working to stop work

UPDATE 13:00 PM PSD leader Victor Ponta, on the stage in the Constitutiei square, addressed the protesters: We can get rid of the government today, do you trust us?

12:45 PMProtesters arrived in the Constitutiei square, where organizers set up a stage with two huge screens that will transmit live the vote in the Parliament.

12:20 PM Protesters march towards Unirii square and call for the resignation of the government and the President

11:20 AM Protesters started to move towards the Constitutiei square where they will wait for the motion of censure to be voted in the Pariament. The protesters are lead by PSD leader Victor Ponta and several other informal leaders of the party like Marian Vanghelie, Valeriu Zgonea and Liviu Dragnea. According to estimates of the police, some 30,000 people were present.

11 AM Three persons needs medical assistance and one was transported to the hospital.

10:48 AM There are no jams in entrances to Bucharest but in the North West area of the capital traffic is jammed.

10:40 AM It started to rain.

10:30 AM There are more and more people gathering in Victoriei square

10:25 AM Over 200 people gathered in Victoriei square

10:15 AM Over 5000 police officers were mobilized to ensure a peaceful protest

10:00 AM People in the square call those who watch them at the TV to join in