The motion of censure against the Boc government will be debated and submitted to vote in the Parliament. Representatives of the governing coalition claim that the motion is impossible to pass while opposition members claim that they only need three more votes for the motion to pass.

18:09 PM There were 219 votes for the motion. The opposition obtained in the summer, for a motion against the government 228 votes.

18:06 PM In the Senate, 67 parliamentarians voted for the motion and 153 deputies passed.

17:53 PMMathematically, the motion fell, even though the vote did not end since the opposition members left in the room is not enough to gather a minimum 236 votes necessary to pass the motion

UPDATE 17:39 PM PDL Nicolae Stan attended the vote

17:36 PM Catalin Potor, the fifth independent deputy to vote

17:30 PM Independent deputies Ioan Munteanu and Dnaiel Oajdea voted

17:20 PM The first two votes from the independents: Tudor Ciuhodaru and Catalin Chereches

17:15 PM National minority parliamentarians left the room as the vote started. The leader, Pambuccian announced previously that national minority representatives will not vote

17:08 PM The vote on the motion started. The vote is secret, with balls

16:58 PM PDL Cezar Preda declared that Liberal Antonescu transformed himself into Iliescu, former President from the Social Democrats.

16:30 PM PM Emil Boc tried to speak but PSD deputies called for the resignation of the government.

UPDATE 15:25 PMPSD leader Victor Ponta in the Parliament: there are 100,000 people in the stret, wondering whether today they have a chance to really live their lives in this country. There are millions of Romanians looking at them and at what the Parliament is going to do. It would have been better for you to go on the streets

UPDATE 15:17 PMMost Social Democrats are skeptical that they will manage to pass the motion, several hours before the vote in the Parliament.

UPDATE 14:42 PM Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu: this motion of censure needs to be rejected. If measures proposed by the Opposition would be implemented, Romania will be blocked and it will lose its international credibility.

UPDATE 14:32 PM PSD leader Victor Ponta reached the Parliament after he attended, for three hours, the protest

UPDATE 14:00 PM Liberal leader Crin Antonescu to PM Emil Boc

  • PM Boc is a young man, qualified, that does not need to be assisted byt needs to be sent to work, he will find one 
  • You need to step down from the government but not because you started to heal the society from the maladies of the past 
  • The reform of the government is to cut salaries, but not all salaries.You did not have the courage to lay off those who were hired based on nepotism 
  • You run a team set up on feudal criteria on links based on blood not on performance 
  • your government claims it is right wing, but do you think that the right wing policy is to take as much public money and give it to clients? 
  • it is normal that the power attempts to shut down the opposition but this government planned to shut down the voice of the majority 
  • you are endebted to vote against the government 
  • it is unacceptable to be governed by a party that does not have parliamentary support 

UPDATE 13:30 PMSeveral representatives of an NGO, present in the balcony of the parliamentary session posted some banners reading: Government Boc = the mob's bank and other sayings against the governmen.

On the other side of the room, at another balcony, are representatives of the governing coalition that cheered for PM Boc when he joined the session.

UPDATE 13:10 PMPM Boc: We chose to heal through a tough medicine, but with beneficial consequences, we launched a set of reforms that no government in the last 20 years had the courage to do it.

UPDATE 12:40 PMThe motion against the government is a democratic exercise. The motion is an opportunity to address you and the citizens of this country. I understand the dissatisfaction of the people because their salaries decreased, and state institutions lays off many people. The people have the right to know the truth.

It is tough to explain that these problems are caused by structural deficiencies, of some mistakes from the past. But they need to know the truth.

UPDATE 12:10 PM PSD Senator Dan Sova reads the text of the motion in the Parliament

UPDATE 11:55 PM The governmental party, PDL seem relaxed and say that the motion has no chance to pass. A PDL parliamentarian declared that even those who are undecided said they will not vote for the motion.

UPDATE 11:30 AM The session of the Parliament started, 349 parliamentarians are present, 121 are missing still. According to Mediafax, there are over 100 people at the Parliament's balcony hearing the session.

Talks over the document are scheduled to last three hours, according to the decision of the permanent officie, Agerpres informs. At the end of the debate, the motion will be voted in a secret ballot, with bals. To be adopted, the document needs 236 votes.

The governing coalition announced that they will not vote the motion. If the motion will pass, the government will be demitted and the President will call parties for consultations to name a new PM to form the executive. If the motion will be rejected, deputies and senators who initiated the motion cannot initiate a new one in this session, except for the case the government takes responsibility for a law.