The permanent offices of the two chambers in the Parliament decided on Thursday morning, with 12 votes for and 11 against to include on the agenda for today the government's decision to assume responsibility for the law on education.

UPDATE 12:35 PM The procedure ended. PM Boc declared that the new law will change dramatically the system and the way education will be perceived in Romania in the future.

UPDATE 2 Members of the opposition left the session after they requested the permanent offices to remove the law on education from today's agenda. PM Boc however convinced the members that the procedure is legal.

UPDATE 11:30 PM The session started, with a delay of an hour after the opposition tried to postpone this for next week when the Constitutional Court will rule on the matter but the requet was rejected.

There are 338 parliamentarians and members of the excutive present and the session is lead by PDL deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ioan Oltean, Agerpres informs.