IMF Romania chief of mission Jeffrey Franks declared on Saturday that representatives of the international financial institution informed the President about the existent options and the necessary actions to move on, mentioning that Romania will register economic growth in 2011, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. We had several tough and intense talks in Bucharest but there is a good collaboration with Romanian authorities and we will get to an understandng, IMF official declared.

Here are his most important declarations

  •  We had a series of intense and tough discussions and I believe we will get to an agreement 
  • There were quite a few challenges in Romania in the last several months but steps to move on were made. We have a very good collaboration with the National Bank, the Finance Ministry and many ministers involved in talks 
  • We talked with the President and informed him about the talks so far, the options ahead and the actions to be taken in order to move on. 
  • We believe that Romania's growth will be positive next year