Romania's economy fits the deficit targets agreed with the European Commission, IMF and World Bank PM Emil Boc declared for Radio Romania Actualitati. He said that the government managed to create the premises of a future growth. Rumours related to his dismissal are stories are speculations according to the PM.

Here are his most important declarations

  • IMF urged the reform of state companies 
  • The state will have majority of shares at Transgaz and Romgaz 
  • I will never allow a privatization that does not respect the law and it is not in the interest of the public 
  • Romania was unprepared for the crisis. The country spent too much than it afford 
  • Romania will register, in 2011 an economic growth of 1.5 - 2%, according to IMF/WB evaluations 
  • Salaries for 2011 will be set according to the new salary law 
  • a part of the salary losses of 2010 will be recovered through the unique salary scheme law