In a press conference on Tuesday, President Basescu referred to the six measures adopted in the last European Council meeting, mentioning that Romania is compelled to register a 3% deficit until 2012.

The President's declarations follow after consultations he had with the governing coalition. Opposition parties, also invited, refused to attend.

Basescu said that the EU insisted on the creation of a mechanism that would help solve crisis in the euro zone, since the EU does not estimate it will be avoided by crises. He said that Romania is one of the least vulnerable countries to have major sanctions. The set of measures imposed by the EU will fit best for Romania, Basescu underlined.

Basescu insisted that cheap populism is no longer accepted in the EU nor in Romania. About the IMF conditionalities, the President said that the three conditions to release the next installment are: the law on pensions, the 2011 state budget and the unique salary law scheme.

Based on the agreement of the majority, we will start negotiations for a new agreement with the IMF in January so that we will get to a convenient agreement. About opposition parties, the President expressed his regret for their isolation. He said that the opposition can participate with ideas and solutions for the governing coalition.