Judge Petre Lazariu, proposed by the presidency as Constitutional Court judge had the decisive vote in ruling that the government’s decision to take responsibility for the law on education was unconstitutional. The decision of the judges created a lot of fuss among the governing coalition. Parliamentary sources declared for HotNews.ro that Hungarian Democratic representatives will make pressure to leave the coalition and join the Opposition.

On the other hand, PDL, the governing party does not have any viable solution to sooth the Hungarian Democrats. HotNews.ro sources declared that Petre Lazaroiu’s vote is the one to make the difference in the Court. He was named in 2010 by the presidency and he tookover the mandate freed by the death of judge Petre Ninosu.

The decision of the government to take responsibility for the law on education had a huge impact on the well functioning of the governing coalition. Hungarian Democrats negotiated with the Democrat Liberals a key amendment for their electorate: the option to teach history and geography in the mother tongue.

Sources declared for HotNews.ro that the government has no solutions to promote the law in the form promised to Hungarian Democrats. Hungarian Democrat Marko Bela declared after the court’s decision that he will call all party leaders to consult with Parliamentary groups.