The decision of the Constitutional Court, still unclear on the law on education produced a certain emotion, President Basescu declared on Thursday for the public radio station, Radio Romania Actualitati. Basescu assured that the coalition will get over this incident, in any conditions. He declared that the country cannot afford political instability and the government needs to comply with all objectives to receive the next installment from the IMF and EC. Otherwise, the President warned, there will be difficulties in paying pensions and salaries in January.

Basescu said that politicians need to be patient and read the decision of the court, to see whether it stops the government’s procedure to take responsibility for the law on education in the Parliament.

He said that he had talks with both PM Boc and Hungarian Democrat leader Marko Bela today on the theme. He underlined that we need to know how things stand with this law, including for the state budget. The biggest gain of this law is that it focuses on the student and pupil. The Romanian system is not adapted to the economic system.

Other statements:

  • The coalition will past this test, in any conditions we cannot afford political instability  
  • The national interest is to manage go comply with the objectives imposed by the IMF and the EC otherwise we will have difficulties in paying pensions and salaries in January.  
  • The opposition believes it can gather votes on populism but I tell you it does not. Romanians started to understand the situation of the country and our interest is to maintain our credibility and the agreement with the IMF  
  • I had all conditions to promulgate the law on pensions but I resend it in the Parliament, offering Parliamentarians the option to make changes but the opposition blocked the law now