Romanian poet Adrian Paunescu will be buried on Sundat at Bellu cemetery, on an alley designated to writers, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu declared quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax. The body will be laid most probably at the headquarters of the writers' union in Romania, on Calea Victoriei street in Bucharest around 4PM, on Friday.

He is one of those Romanians that honored me with his friendship, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu declared. He expressed his condoleances for the family and underlined that he deserves the respect and honour of the society he lived in.

Paunescu died on Friday morning, at 7:15 AM at the Emegerncy Floreasca Hospital. He was 67 years old.

Paunescu was born on July 20, 1943 in Copaceni, curently in the Republic of Moldova. He was a poet and his debut was in 1960. Throughout his life, he was renowned for his cheers for the Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and his family.

The Flacara Cenacle, which he organized starting with 1973 became a social phenomenon and his influence increased as the cenacle became popular. The cenacle is know for imposing a generation of folk musicians, very renowned like Stefan Hrusca or Ducu Bertzi.

In 1985 it was forbidden and Paunescu fell in disgrace. During the revolution he almost got killed as he came to pay tribute to the new power installing. After the revolution, Paunescu joined the Social Democrats and was a Senator for three mandates.