The Danube Summit starts on Monday in Bucharest, a reunion whose main scope is to reconfirm the political support of all countries bordering the Danube for the next EU strategy for this region. Under the patronage of the Romanian President, Traian Basescu, the Summit expects EC President Jose Manuel Barroso. According to a press release, the European Commission will present a plan of action and strategy for the region in December and the final form of the strategy will be approved in the European Council on June 2011.

14 delegations are attending the summit, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and other representatives from regions in Austria and Germany that border the Danube. European institutions will be represented by EC President and the president of the Committee of Regions, Mercedes Bresso. Poland was also invited, as observer.

Works will be divided in two plenary sessions and a lunch meeting will be offered by the Prime Minister to the chiefs of delegations and members of official delegations. The Summit will end with a declaration on the EU strategy for the Danube region.

The EU strategy regarding the Danube, launched by Romania and Austria in 2008, wishes to promote inter-regional cooperation among countries bordering the Danube, to develop a transports and energy infrastructure and stimulate economic growth and social development.