The President's call to action towards politicl parties to unlock the activities in the Parliament did not have any echo for the opposition. The Social Democrats and the Liberals condition the parliamentary colaboration on the resignation of the Chamber of Deputies Roberta Anastase. PDL however does not seem to give in to pressures and plan to modify internal regulations in the Chamber. Parliamentarians of the governing coalition plan to transfer the attributions of the permanent office, which is blocked by the opposition, in the chamber where the governing coalition has majority.

Shortly after the President's speech in the Parliament, PSD Pont conditioned the moratorium with the resignation of the Chamber's Speaker, Roberta Anastas. At their turn, the Liberals impose two conditions to pass, urgently, the laws requested by the IMF: to replace Anastase and the resignation of PM Boc.

On the other side, PDL is not willing to give in to pressures. Anastase said that these compromises have nothing to do in politics. Sources within PDL declared for that the Anastase's replacement would be a huge political mistake and would be seen as a weakness.

On the other hand, PDL seems to have found the solution to unlock works in the Chamber of Deputies: a draft law that modifies internal regulations and which rules the transfer of attributions of the permanent office to the Chamber. The modification allows PDL, which has a majority in the Chamber to vote. The opposition has majority in the permanent office and any decision is blocked.