EU and NATO does not offer Romania the security it seeked for when it wanted to join this is why Romania needs to strenghten its sovereignty to have its own policy based on its national interests, Stratfor founder George Friedman talked in an interview for Romanians need to thing their future, but it it is more comfortable to pretend they are victims and let others decide their future, Friedman said.

Romania is hard to understand because it is made up of several parts, Friedman explains. He said it is not a unitary country like Hungary. Romania's history is awkward, it was a nation always but it was buried for many years.

For the country to develop, Friedman says, Romania needs to take advantage of its competitive advantage: to become an exporting country. The problem however is that Germany is a powerful country that exports in the EU and it is very hard for Romania to find a place to sell its goods.

For Friedman, the future of the country in 100 years is as part of a coalition. For him, Romania's fundmental interests need to be safe from Rsussia because they are a huge power and Romania is small. The challenge for Romania is to voice out its interests, its strategies and become more dangerous in order to exist.