PM Emil Boc informed on Wednesday the Parliament that the executive can increase the minimum wage to 670 lei and increase salaries of the budgetary personnel to up to 15%. According to sources close to talks, Parliamentarians asked the government to offer a supplementary aid for those who earn less than 1,000 lei and an increase for the rest of the budgetary personnel of 14% but the PM did not agree on grounds that the measure would discriminate against other budgeary categories.

The Prime Minister explained that the 15% increase is the most sustainable option at the moment. Regarding the minimum wage, the PM explained that the government can negotiate with the IMF an extra increase of the minimum wage, from 650 to 670lei.

The salary increase will be implemeted starting 2011 for those who had a 25% cut in salaries. All measures will be part of the unique salary scheme law for which the government will take responsibility in the government.

At the end of the meeting, PM Boc refused to confirm the numbers, saying that these will be discussed with the IMF and EC.